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* update and delete addedHEADv0.1mastersteckbrief2017-12-2810-13/+250
* updated commons librarysteckbrief2017-12-251-0/+0
* adding work around for reload page after adding a new storysteckbrief2017-12-251-0/+3
* adding better check for uploaded filesteckbrief2017-12-251-1/+3
* adding sort of stories in menusteckbrief2017-12-251-0/+2
* create story and character improvedsteckbrief2017-12-1010-10/+168
* floating action button added to open a modal dialog to create a new storysteckbrief2017-12-032-7/+76
* moved print out to functionsteckbrief2017-12-021-33/+22
* admin enhanced; list all stories if no current story is setsteckbrief2017-12-023-7/+32
* Merge branch 'master' of
| * renaming tv series to storysteckbrief2017-11-262-23/+24
* | changes to commons libsteckbrief2017-11-261-0/+0
* fixed some bugs in create story workflow, gitignore addedsteckbrief2017-11-267-5/+13
* first admin iterationsteckbrief2017-11-264-5/+159
* thedevstack-php-commons added as submodule in lib/commonssteckbrief2017-11-252-0/+3
* Display of children tv series implemented, bootstrap JS v3.3.7 addedsteckbrief2017-11-252-0/+122