Classic Side-Menu

for Nextcloud and Owncloud

Rebuild of the old Menu on the left side for owncloud.

Advantages compared to the default menu of owncloud / nextcloud are reduced clicks to open an application, as the sidebar is always visible on wide screens (wider than 1100px). Otherwise, the standard drop-down menu is available on smaller screens. It lays the focus more on all installed apps and not only on the files app.

Forked from https://github.com/SansPseudoFix/Old_menu (discontinued). Differences: This version is without the tiny Icons (therefore normal sized) and with a fix max-width of 100px for the Menu. It looks like the original old menu.

How to

  • download zip
  • go to /apps folder
  • unzip
  • change name to classic_sidemenu
  • activate Classic SideMenu

Alternative * git clone this repo to /apps direcotry with git clone https://github.com/mtraeger/classic_sidemenu.git classic_sidemenu * activate in app menu


Problems could arise when using this app with the original old_menu app.

Change Menu Color

For use with NextCloud-Blue use background-color: #0082c9; instead of #1d2d44 for Owncloud in css/classic_sidemenu.css.

You can remove this line also for dark grey.

Possible Problems

On upgrades of owncloud / nextcloud the acces rights have to be correct. If you cloned or extracted with wrong user permissions, you have to chown (and maybe also chmod +w) the installation directory of this app for the web user (normally www-data).


  • Enable / Disable this feature in user settings for every user individual
  • Change Color of sidebar in admin settings
  • Content Security Policy error (only) in Files-App: Menu-Icons disappearing on appeareance of files in Firefox